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Meet Genevieve

“My sobriety date is October 24th, 2016 so I have exactly 365 days today as I write this testimonial. That’s exactly 1 WHOLE YEAR off drugs and alcohol. Imagine that. When I first got introduced to recovery I never thought I could live without abusing drugs and alcohol for a week let alone an entire year sober.

When I first got to the Puente House in Southern California early last year after a few friends from rehab told me about a place where people like me are trying to do this same sobriety thing. I had NO Idea that a place like this existed and that sober living was for newly sober people like me that needed extra structure and support.

I thought that I was doomed to miserable for the rest of my life without drugs. I was completely broken, hopeless, angry, and scared. My recovery story involved several relapses and I had to learn that my old using life had nothing for me. The staff and residents at the Puente House sober living welcomed me back with open arms once I was ready to take action to save my life.”

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