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Sober Living for Men in Covina, California

A place where men can develop hope and resilience.

Men Building men

Getting sober is a tough decision, especially for young men. Society sends strong messages through the media and peer pressure to drink “like a man”. Social functions almost always have alcohol in one form or another. So how does a man who has chosen to get sober, stay sober? If a man goes through a rehab or treatment program, he is usually given the option of entering a sober living environment when he completes the residential program.

It’s a fact that mens’ sober living, at The Puente House and elsewhere, is an excellent choice for newly sober men. Sobriety, stability, and accountability all go hand in hand. In many cases the decision to stay in a sober house, will provide a layer of relapse prevention and have a huge impact on the quality of a man’s recovery.

Our goal is to help men live sober by helping them reclaim the positive attributes of their personality and create healthy boundaries, while removing negative influences from their lives. Part of this process may be discovering new mechanisms for coping with stress, while other aspects focus on removing inappropriate influences and dealing with day-to-day living after successfully starting down the path of sober life.

Our program is not simply a safe place free of expectations to drink or use. We Incorporate structured schedules and peer assistance to help prevent relapse. Men learn self-respect, responsibility, and gain new skills and tools for dealing with relationships damaged by drugs and alcohol abuse.