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Lawrence B.

Posted by Puente

“Best sober living around. I was treated fairly, and I felt safe. Most importantly, I stayed sober with the foundation in recovery they provided. If anyone I care about needs help, this is where I send them.”

Kailee G.

Posted by Puente

“In 2015 I faced a very tough decision: Keep drinking and continue to face severe legal and personal consequences or get sober for good and finally become the person I’d always envisioned. I chose the latter but needed help in my initial walk on the path of sobriety, opting to live in the Puente House for 6 months. I owe a deep debt of gratitude to Karl Moris, the women’s house managers, and stringent structure of Puente House’s day-to-day operations for laying a foundation for my sobriety that has lasted over 3 years.”

Autumn B.

Posted by Puente

“Puente Houses are some of the most beautiful, well-kept, organized, well run sober homes I have ever been to. I really cannot express what an amazing job Karl has done (and his management team) to embrace the spirit of recovery, fellowship and one alcoholic helping another, it truly is without parallel. ”