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Posted by Puente

“Woke up today celebrating 18 years clean and sober. What a life I have today, the friends that I have, amends I made to get my family back in my life. I am so grateful for the 12 steps and God entering my life. Thank you Karl, Ray and Don, for leading and showing me a way to live.


Posted by Puente

I can’t even believe it myself today I celebrate one year of being clean and sober. It’s such a blessing, One year ago I was hopeless and afraid of being in my own skin. I thank my family in recovery and the Puente House, Karl Moris and John Boots for giving me the tools of living a great life, I love the person I am today. Thank for all the love and support, I’m eternally grateful

Kailee G.

Posted by Puente

“In 2015 I faced a very tough decision: Keep drinking and continue to face severe legal and personal consequences or get sober for good and finally become the person I’d always envisioned. I chose the latter but needed help in my initial walk on the path of sobriety, opting to live in the Puente House for 6 months. I owe a deep debt of gratitude to Karl Moris, the women’s house managers, and stringent structure of Puente House’s day-to-day operations for laying a foundation for my sobriety that has lasted over 3 years.”

Carl 19 years sober

Posted by Puente

“I was looking at 2 and half years in LA County, no job, definitely unemployable; and more of a debt to society. Worse than all that I was clueless and felt worthless. Alot has changed in 19 years.

I have partial clarity

I am worthy

I am employable

I am reliable

I am hopeful

Truly Gods plan and blessing, One Day At A Time. Thank you to all who have helped along the way. Also thank you Puente House for being there to by being a bridge to a new way of life.”