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Why Choose Sober Living?

Addicts rarely find their way to our Sober Living Homes by mistake. Alcoholism and drug addiction are desperate diseases, tearing through families and destroying lives. By the time an alcoholic or addict finds Puente House, they often feel life is over. Absolutely powerless, they are unable to stop drinking or using drugs. Friends and loved ones, while hoping for the addict’s sobriety, may privately wonder if it is even possible. The exhaustion of alcoholism and addiction overpowers everyone. The disease just wears you out. Fighting the disease alone is futile. Puente House is the Bridge To Living Sober and we will not let you cross that bridge alone.

The Right Setting for
Drug or Alcohol Recovery

Alcoholics and addicts are typically surrounded by people, places and things that fueled their addiction. They usually have complicated and messy lives. Finances and living conditions are often in disarray. Credit may have been completely destroyed and resources for safe sober places to stay may have all but vanished in the wake of their disease. At Puente House we address each of these concerns by offering the newly sober person a gorgeous, fully furnished place to live in a beautiful setting, at an affordable price. We are within walking distance of more than 60 meetings a week and the structure of our program is designed to teach the newly sober person how to get active in the recovery community.


Addiction Recovery for a Lifetime

At Puente House, we know that addicts, alcoholics and families alike can heal from the wounds addiction inflicts. It has been our personal experience that the smallest desire for recovery can manifest into a lifetime of sobriety. It’s our job to keep the door open for recovery. New behaviors become new habits become new attitudes and outlooks on life. The most critical component to this plan for recovery is willingness, and time. Addiction cannot be treated in 7 or 21 days. Most newly sober alcoholics and drug addicts need an environment strongly committed to supporting their new found sobriety.

We have a solution. We do it one day at a time around here, and we do it together.